There’s no shame in telling your story to the world. Each piece carries a part of my story — maybe it’s a part of yours, too.

Before we lose ourselves to our heroic ambitions, let’s remind ourselves of the shared experiences that connect us and make us human. We’re not alone in this big, big world.

It’s never too late to meet yourself again.

Each piece is a part of a bigger story — your story. Please treat them and yourselves with care. Read more in each description.

our signature: sleeve tags

Our little touch to celebrate our experiences around the dining table. Randomly arranged and selected, but all handled with human care. Rip them off or keep them on — it’s yours to wear.

we are

unapologetically present, loud heartbeats, shared experiences, mixed identities, standing on the shoulders of giants, healing our inner child, breaking molds, making trends, intergenerational trauma, wearing our hearts on our sleeves, celebrating our stories, gathering at the dinner table,