Before we lose ourselves to our heroic ambitions, let’s remind ourselves of the shared experiences that connect us and make us human. We’re not alone in this big, big world.

It’s never too late to meet yourself again.

family style, always in style

This brand began by an unapologetic expression of Asian roots, but now, it's a little bit more than that. It's about the different identities that we proudly wear on our sleeves. It's about coming to the same dining table with our stories over good meals, better conversations, and memories that'll leave us changed -- all shared family style. Here at Karepango, we celebrate the different experiences we come from. We acknowledge the bitter moments, the struggles with identity, and the feeling of never quite fitting in. Yet, we also celebrate the triumphs and the resilience that these challenges have instilled in us.

We're not just grounded in heritage — we're revolutionary. A proud proclamation of our identities, and a recognition of the diverse experiences that shape us but make us human. Here, we have wrestled with our identity but emerged stronger, more confident, and unapologetically proud.

Join us in this celebration of the vibrancy, the struggles, and the triumphs of our communities. We recognize the paths tread by those before us, the intergenerational stories of perseverance and hope. Our designs are a tribute to this legacy, and a commitment to forge our own path, creating stories that honors our past but is uniquely ours.

It's a homage to the sweat, tears, and joy that go into creating the narratives that define our community — those moments when we truly connect.

@karepango カレーパンゴ

"Thank you for stopping by karepango. Behind this brand is a real person going through life in the same kinds of beautiful and ugly experiences. Each piece carries a piece of my story — maybe it’s a bit of yours, too. I hope you can wear your narrative with pride. It’s not anything fancy, just honest work from one girl trying to do something bigger than her life."

The Taiwanese and Japanese cultures I come from have ingrained the idea of the family-style dining table into me where the best gatherings happen from unintended conversations, connections, and memories over good food. However, I did not grow up in a stable household or family so it was difficult for me to find where I could feel the “family style” I wanted to have. 

And so, I turned to the world. I turned to the communities that adopted me and I finally found the “family style” I was looking for. The “family style” came in the meals and the days when I least expected them, and that’s the magic of dining at the same table. 

If I had to summarize myself, it would be that I want to relentlessly and unapologetically live this life. Most of my time is spent pursuing creative passions while learning and growing in technical/business skillsets. I want to live this life to the fullest, whatever that might look like.

I’ve spent more of this life in suicidal years than not. For the first 21 years, everyday was a constant challenge. I lived passively, unable to find will or reason to live. Many reasons contributed to how my life began this way but I try to not think about them anymore. After all, recovery is a forward-moving process.

Though I have unfortunately landed in multiple near-death incidents, I also recognize I’m blessed to still be alive and kicking. Maybe that’s why I am so adamant to live everyday to my maximum. I no longer want to find myself staring at the blinding lights of a hospital ceiling, filled with regrets that I didn’t chase my dreams harder while I still could. I’m grateful for the many chances of life I’ve been given, even if I once had difficulty finding that gratitude. I’m privileged to be able to fill everyday with what makes me excited to still be living life.

When I first began this brand, all I knew was that I wanted to create a brand that was reflective of the same loud and proud lifestyle I want to have. I’m an introvert by nature, but I wanted to step out of my comfort zones and be unapologetic about who I am and how I am where I am today. Today, the purpose of my brand is to invite everyone to the same dinner table, family style. I want to invite the world to dine with me and for everyone to come as they are. 

My brand is grounded in Taiwanese and Japanese hospitality but inviting of everyone who might stop by along the way. Its loud designs encourage the magic of finding the smallest joys in everyday life, intended to bring a smile in the most unexpected times. We can always find reason to laugh if we look hard enough.

I want to believe in the good in this world, and I invite everyone to my dining table to indulge.

Welcome to our community, welcome to our table, welcome back home.

Kare-pan (カレーパン): Curry bread

Pango (パンゴ): The most lovable cat with an attitude, now in heaven